Battle of Noemfoor

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Battle of Noemfoor
Part of the Pacific War of World War II
Noemfoor, 12 July 1944. A U.S. soldier points out the direction in which Japanese troops have retreated, to a comrade using a walkie-talkie. (Photographer: Allan F. Anderson)
Date2 July – 31 August 1944
Result Allied victory
Flag_of_the_United_States_%281912-1959%29.svg United States
Flag_of_Australia_%28converted%29.svg Australia
Netherlands Netherlands
Flag_of_Japan_%281870%E2%80%931999%29.svg Japan
Commanders and leaders
United States Walter Krueger
United States Edwin D. Patrick (land)
United States Russell S. Berkey (naval)
Australia Frederick Scherger (air)
Empire of Japan Suesada Shimizu
10,000 2,000 (US estimates)
Casualties and losses
66 killed/missing;
343 wounded
~1,730 killed;
186 prisoners
Battle of Noemfoor is located in Papua (province)
Battle of Noemfoor
Location within Papua (province)

The Battle of Noemfoor was part of the New Guinea campaign of World War II. It took place on the island of Noemfoor, in Dutch New Guinea (now Papua, in Indonesia), between 2 July and 31 August 1944. During the battle, Allied forces landed on the island to capture Japanese bases as part of their advance through the Pacific towards the Philippines. The initial landing was largely unopposed and the Japanese defenders withdrew inland as the US troops came ashore. Sporadic fighting took place over the course of two months as the Allies secured the three airfields on the island and pushed the surviving Japanese troops to the southeastern coast. The island was later used by the Allies to support operations around Sansapor and on Morotai.