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Battle of Schooneveld

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The Battles of Schooneveld were two naval battles of the Franco-Dutch War, fought off the coast of the Netherlands on 7 June and 14 June 1673 (New Style; 28 May and 4 June in the Julian calendar then in use in England) between an allied Anglo-French fleet commanded by Prince Rupert of the Rhine on his flagship the Royal Charles, and the fleet of the United Provinces, commanded by Michiel de Ruyter.

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Battles of Schooneveld
Part of Franco-Dutch War

The first battle of Schooneveld, 7 June 1673 by Willem van de Velde, the elder, painted c.1684.
Date7 June 1673 and 14 June 1673
North Sea
Result Dutch victory
 Dutch Republic
Commanders and leaders
Rupert of the Rhine
Jean II d'Estrées
Edward Spragge
Michiel de Ruyter
Cornelis Tromp
Adriaen Banckert
86 ships
24,295 men
4,826 cannon
64 ships
14,762 men
3,157 cannon
Casualties and losses
2 ships 1 ship

The Dutch victories in the two battles, and at the Battle of the Texel that followed in August, saved their country from an Anglo-French invasion.