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Battle of Solebay

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The naval Battle of Solebay took place on 28 May Old Style, 7 June New Style[1][2] 1672 and was the first naval battle of the Third Anglo-Dutch War.

Battle of Solebay
Part of Anglo-Dutch War

The Burning of the Royal James at the Battle of Solebay, 28 May 1672 by Willem van de Velde the Younger
Date7 June 1672
Result Inconclusive
 Dutch Republic  England
Commanders and leaders
Michiel de Ruyter
Adriaen Banckert
Willem Joseph van Ghent 
James, Duke of York
Edward Montagu 
Jean II d'Estrées
61 ships of the line, 14 frigates, 36 fire ships, and a number of smaller ships 85-95 War ships, 30 fire ships
Casualties and losses

1 ship destroyed, 1 captured

≈1600 sailors killed

4 ships destroyed

≈2500 sailors killed

The battle began as an attempted raid on Solebay port where an English fleet was anchored and largely unprepared for battle, and ended at a hard-fought draw. The battle however prevented a planned allied naval invasion of the Dutch Republic and boosted the morale of the Dutch population. Both sides claimed victory.