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The Bidni, which is also referred to as Bitni, is an olive cultivar from the Mediterranean island of Malta. The fruit is small in size, hearty with a "violet colour",[1] and is renowned for its superior oil which is low in acidity.[2] The latter is generally attributed to the poor quality alkaline soil found on the Maltese Islands.[3] As an indigenous olive cultivar, the Bidni has developed a unique DNA profile,[4] and is believed to be among the most ancient species on the island,[5] triggering local authorities to declare some of these ancient trees as "national monuments",[6] and as having an "Antiquarian Importance",[7] a status which is enjoyed by only a handful of other species.

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Clusters of Bidni olives ripening on the tree
Olive (Olea europaea)
Color of the ripe fruitBlack
UseOil and table
Oil contentLow