Biloxi Blues

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Biloxi Blues is a semi-autobiographical play by Neil Simon. It portrays the conflict of Sergeant Merwin J. Toomey and Arnold Epstein, one of many privates enlisted in the military stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi, seen through the eyes of Eugene Jerome, one of the other soldiers. This play is the second chapter in what is known as his Eugene trilogy, following Brighton Beach Memoirs and preceding Broadway Bound. The play won the Tony Award for Best Play, and Barry Miller won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his performance as Arnold Epstein.

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Biloxi Blues
Written byNeil Simon
CharactersRoy Selridge
Joseph Wykowski
Don Carney
Eugene Morris Jerome
Arnold Epstein
Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey
James Hennesey
Daisy Hannigan
Date premieredDecember 8, 1984
Place premieredAhmanson Theatre, Los Angeles
Original languageEnglish
SeriesEugene Trilogy:
Brighton Beach Memoirs
Biloxi Blues
Broadway Bound
SubjectA Jewish boy from Brooklyn undergoes basic Army training in the Deep South
SettingBiloxi, Mississippi, 1945