Blue Mustang, or Mustang, and known to locals by the nickname Blucifer,[1][2] is a cast-fiberglass sculpture of a mustang located at Denver International Airport (DIA). Colored bright blue, with illuminated glowing red eyes, it is notable both for its striking appearance and for having killed its sculptor, Luis Jiménez, when a section of it fell on him at his studio.[1]

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Blue Mustang
Blue Mustang
ArtistLuis Jiménez
Completion date11 February 2008 (2008-02-11)
Dimensions9.8 m (32 ft)
Weightapprox. 9,000 lb (4,100 kg)
LocationDenver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, United States
Coordinates39.83414°N 104.67638°W / 39.83414; -104.67638
OwnerDenver International Airport