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Bou Regreg

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The Bou Regreg (Arabic: أبو رقراق) is a river located in western Morocco which discharges to the Atlantic Ocean between the cities of Rabat and Salé. The estuary of this river is termed Wadi Sala.[1]

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Bou Regreg
Valley of the Bou Regreg near Rabat, Morocco
Course of the Bou Regreg
Physical characteristics
Atlantic Ocean
Length240 km (150 mi)

The river is 240 kilometres long, with a tidal estuary of approximately 24 kilometres extending upriver. Its average discharge is 23 m3/s and can reach 1500 m3/s during periods of flooding. The source of the river originates from the Middle Atlas mountains at an altitude of 1627 meters on the level of Jbel Mtourzgane (Province of Khemisset) and of Grou (Province of Khénifra) and descends to its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean separating the cities of Rabat to the south and Salé to the north.