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A brochure is a promotional document primarily used to introduce a company, organization, products, or services and inform prospective customers or members of the public of the benefits. Although, initially, a paper document that can be folded into a template, pamphlet, or leaflet, a brochure can also be a set of related unfolded papers put into a pocket folder or packet or can be in digital format.

"Pastures for Habersham County" brochures by S.C. Gunnels, the county agent.

A brochure is a corporate marketing instrument to promote a product or service. It is a tool used to circulate information about the product or service.[1] A brochure is like a magazine but with pictures of the product or the service which the brand is promoting. Depending on various aspects there are different types of brochures: Gate Fold Brochures, Trifold Brochures, and Z-Fold Brochures.

Brochures are distributed in many ways: as newspaper inserts, handed out personally, by mail, or placed in brochure racks in high-traffic locations, especially in tourist precincts. They may be considered grey literature.[2] A brochure is usually folded and only includes promotional summary information.