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The Camorra (Italian: [kaˈmɔrra]; Neapolitan: [kaˈmorrə]) is an Italian Mafia-type[4] criminal organization and criminal society originating in the region of Campania. It is one of the oldest and largest criminal organizations in Italy, dating to the 17th century. The Camorra's organizational structure is divided into individual groups also called "clans". Every capo or "boss" is the head of a clan, in which there may be tens or hundreds of affiliates, depending on the clan's power and structure. The Camorra is considered by the Italian Government to be the most violent and murderous criminal organization in Italy. The Camorra's main businesses are drug trafficking, racketeering, counterfeiting, and money laundering. It is also not unusual for Camorra clans to infiltrate the politics of their respective areas.

Quick facts: Founding location, Years active, Te...
Founding locationCampania, Italy
Years activeSince the 17th century
TerritoryMost active in the Campania region, but also active throughout Italy.
Presence also in:
Spain, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Romania, United Kingdom
Morocco, Ivory Coast
South America:
North America:
United States
Dominican Republic
Membership10,000[1][2][3] full members, unknown number of associates
Criminal activitiesRacketeering, drug trafficking, counterfeiting, waste management, murder, bid rigging, extortion, assault, smuggling, illegal gambling, terrorism, loan sharking, prostitution, money laundering, robbery, kidnapping, art theft, political corruption

Since the early 1980s and its involvement in the drug trafficking business, the Camorra has acquired a strong presence in other European countries, particularly Spain. Usually, Camorra clans maintain close contact with South American drug cartels, which facilitates the arrival of drugs in Europe.

According to Naples public prosecutor Giovanni Melillo, during a 2023 speech of the Antimafia Commission, the most powerful groups of the Camorra in the present day are the Mazzarella clan and the Secondigliano Alliance. The latter is an alliance of the Licciardi, Contini and Mallardo clans.[5]