Castilian House of Ivrea

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The Castilian House of Ivrea[1] is a cadet branch of the House of Ivrea descended from Raymond of Burgundy. Raymond married Urraca, the eldest legitimate daughter of Alfonso VI of León and Castile of the House of Jiménez. Two years after Raymond's death, Urraca succeeded her father and became queen of Castile and León; Urraca's and Raymond's offspring in the legitimate line ruled the kingdom from 1126 until the death of Peter of Castile in 1369, while their descendants in an illegitimate line, the House of Trastámara, would rule Castile and Aragón until the 16th century.

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Castilian House of Ivrea
Casa de Ivrea
Armorial of Castile and León
Parent houseHouse of Ivrea
House of Jimenez (maternal)
CountryCrown of Castile, Kingdom of Castile, Kingdom of León
FounderRaymond of Burgundy
Final rulerPeter of Castile
Cadet branches