Chakma Circle

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The Chakma Circle (Chakma: ๐‘„Œ๐‘„‡๐‘„ด๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฆ ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ข๐‘„ด๐‘„‡๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ด), also known as the Chakma Raj, is one of three hereditary chiefdoms (or "circles") in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of modern-day Bangladesh.[1] The Chakma Circle encompasses parts of Rangamati Hill District and Dighinala and Rajasthali Upazilas in neighbouring Khagrachari District and Bandarban District respectively. The chiefdom's members are of Chakma descent.