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The coat of arms of the Republic of Serbia (Serbian: грб Републике Србије / grb Republike Srbije) is the coat of arms determined by the Law on the Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Serbia of June 16, 1882.[1] It was officially readopted by the National Assembly in 2004 and later slightly redesigned in 2010.[2] The coat of arms consists of two main heraldic symbols which represent the national identity of the Serbian people across the centuries, the Serbian eagle (a silver[3] double-headed eagle adopted from the Nemanjić dynasty) and the Serbian cross (or cross with firesteels).[4][5]

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Coat of arms of Serbia
Lesser coat of arms
ArmigerRepublic of Serbia
Adopted1882 (Coat of arms of Kingdom of Serbia)
2004 (readoption)
2010 (standardized)
BlazonGules, between two fleurs-de-lys in base Or, a double-headed eagle displayed inverted Argent, armed, beaked and langued Or, surmounted by an escutcheon Gules thereon a cross between four firesteels Argent
Other elementsThe shield is ensigned with a crown Or. The whole is within a mantle Gules fringed and tasselled Or, lined ermine and crowned Or
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