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David Lee Hull (15 June 1935 – 11 August 2010)[1] was an American philosopher who was most notable for founding the field philosophy of biology.[2] Additionally, Hull is recognized within evolutionary culture studies as contributing heavily in early discussions of the conceptualization of memetics.[3][4] In addition to his academic prominence, he was well known as a gay man who fought for the rights of other gay and lesbian philosophers.[5] Hull was partnered with Richard "Dick" Wellman, a Chicago school teacher, until Wellman's passing during the drafting of Science as Process.[6]

Quick facts: David Hull, Born, Died, Education, Partner...
David Hull
Born15 June 1935
Died11 August 2010
EducationIllinois Wesleyan University (BS) Indiana University (PhD)
PartnerRichard "Dick" Wellman
Notable ideas
Philosophy of Biology, Species-As-Individuals, Evolutionary Interactors