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The Dawson Film Find (DFF) was the accidental discovery in 1978 of 372 film titles preserved in 533 reels of silent-era nitrate films in the Klondike Gold Rush town of Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.[1] The reels had been buried under an abandoned hockey rink in 1929 and included lost films of feature movies and newsreels. A construction excavation inadvertently uncovered the forgotten cache of discarded films, which were unintentionally preserved by the permafrost.

DAAA "natatorium" probably photographed between 1902 and 1910

The 2016 documentary Dawson City: Frozen Time details the history and recovery of the films, and features footage restored from the reels.[2] The DFF is also featured in the 2013 documentary short Lost Forever: The Art of Film Preservation.[3]

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