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Dictyotales is a large order in the brown algae (class Phaeophyceae).[1] Members of this order generally prefer warmer waters than other brown algae. One genus in this order is calcareous, Padina, the only calcareous member of this phylum.[2]

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Dictyota dichotoma
Dictyota dichotoma
Scientific classification e
Domain: Eukaryota
Clade: Diaphoretickes
Clade: SAR
Clade: Stramenopiles
Phylum: Gyrista
Subphylum: Ochrophytina
Class: Phaeophyceae
Subclass: Dictyotophycidae
Order: Dictyotales
Bory de Saint-Vincent

Dictyota dominates 70% of the benthos biomass in the Florida Keys reef tract.[3] The successful spread of this alga is due in part to its ability to asexually reproduce from fragments created by "biotic and abiotic disturbances".[3]