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Districts of Russia

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A district (raion) is an administrative and municipal division of a federal subject of Russia.

Map of subdivisions of Russia

As of 2023, excluding Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Sevastopol, there are 1,893 administrative districts (including the 20 in the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia) and 1,823 municipal districts (also including the 14 in the Republic of Crimea) in Russia. All these districts have an administrative center, which is usually the same locality for both the administrative and municipal entity.

In modern Russia, division into administrative districts largely remained unchanged after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.[citation needed] The term "district" ("raion") is used to refer to an administrative division of a federal subject or to a district of a big city.

In two federal subjects, however, the terminology was changed to reflect national specifics: in Sakha, where they are known as ulus (улус), and in Tuva, where they are known as kozhuun (кожуун).[1]

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