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ECMAScript (/ˈɛkməskrɪpt/; ES)[1] is a JavaScript standard intended to ensure the interoperability of web pages across different browsers.[2] It is standardized by Ecma International in the document ECMA-262.

Quick facts: Filename extensions, Internet media type...
ECMAScript (file format)
Filename extensions
Internet media type
Developed bySun Microsystems,
Ecma International
Initial releaseJune 1997; 25 years ago (1997-06)
Latest release
Edition 12
June 2021; 1 year ago (2021-06)
Type of formatScripting language
WebsiteECMA-262, ECMA-290,
ECMA-327, ECMA-357,

ECMAScript is commonly used for client-side scripting on the World Wide Web, and it is increasingly being used for writing server-side applications and services using Node.js and other frameworks.