El Maracanazo

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The Maracanazo of the Chilean team (Spanish: Maracanazo de la selección chilena, also known as Condorazo or Bengalazo) was an incident that happened during the football match between Brazil and Chile at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on 3 September 1989, in which Chilean goalkeeper Roberto Rojas pretended to be injured by a flare thrown by Brazilian fans. The incident is considered by historians and football experts as one of the most shameful events in world football. The incident resulted in Chile being banned from qualifying for the 1994 World Cup, and ended Rojas' career, as he was banned for life.

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Brazil v Chile (1989)
The Maracanã Stadium, venue of the match
Event1990 FIFA World Cup qualificationSouth American zone – Group 3
Match abandoned in the 67th minute with Brazil leading 1–0
FIFA awarded Brazil a 2–0 victory
Chile were banned from qualifying for the 1994 FIFA World Cup
Date3 September 1989
VenueMaracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro
RefereeJuan Carlos Loustau (Argentina)