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Eleanor of Portugal (1328[1] – 30 October 1348), was a Portuguese infanta by birth and Queen of Aragon from 1347 to 1348 as the second wife of King Peter IV.[2]

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Eleanor of Portugal
Eleanor of Portugal, in Antonio de Hollanda's Genealogy of the Royal Houses of Spain and Portugal (1530–1534)
Queen consort of Aragon
Born3 February 1328
Kingdom of Portugal
Died29 October 1348(1348-10-29) (aged 20)
Jérica, Crown of Aragon
Poblet Monastery, Spain
SpousePeter IV of Aragon
HousePortuguese House of Burgundy
FatherAlfonso IV of Portugal
MotherBeatrice of Castile
ReligionRoman Catholicism

The youngest daughter of King Afonso IV of Portugal and Beatrice of Castile,[2] Leonor was the granddaughter of King Denis and Elizabeth of Aragon and of Sancho IV of Castile and Maria de Molina and sister of King Peter I of Portugal.