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Eric Anthony Oram (born October 13, 1968) is an American Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner and fight choreographer who introduced a new way of filming fight scenes in the film Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows in which the actors fought with real strikes and attacks, which were then featured in slow motion at 500 frames per second in the final movie.[4] He has trained well known actors in Wing Chun such as Christian Bale[1][5] for Batman Begins,[2] Jake Gyllenhaal,[2] and in particular Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes as his personal on-set consultant in numerous movies.[6] Oram has been credited for training Downey in Kung Fu since 2003[7] as a way to beat his drug addictions.[8] He wrote a moving letter to judge and California Governor Jerry Brown in support of Downey's pardon.[3]

Quick facts: Eric Oram, Born, Residence, Style, Teacher(s)...
Eric Oram
BornEric Anthony Oram
(1968-10-13) October 13, 1968 (age 55)
Las Vegas, Nevada
ResidenceSanta Monica, California
StyleTraditional Wing Chun (TWC) Kung Fu
Teacher(s)William Cheung
SpousePeggy Croghan
Notable studentsChristian Bale[1][2]
Jake Gyllenhaal[2]
Robert Downey Jr.[3]

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