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FamilyPC was a monthly American computer magazine published from 1994[1] to 2001. The collaboration between The Disney Publishing Group and Ziff-Davis was a brainchild of Jake Winebaum,[2] with Robin Raskin serving as its first editor-in-chief.[3] The circulation of the magazine was 400,000 copies in 1998.[4]

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June 1995 cover
EditorRobin Raskin
CategoriesComputer magazine
PublisherThe Disney Publishing Group, Ziff-Davis
First issue1994
Final issue2002
CountryUnited States

The magazine itself covered a wide varieties of topics that applied to families. In software, it tended to cover education software, further going into Edutainment software, applications, and creativity tools. An Australian version, Family PC Australia, was published by APN Computing under the license of Ziff Communications and the Walt Disney Company.[5] The magazine was started in August/September 1995 and was published on a bimonthly basis.[5]

Ziff-Davis shut down the magazine in 2002. When FamilyPC was discontinued, Ziff-Davis switched FamilyPC subscribers to PC Magazine.

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