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The Federal Medical Center, Devens (FMC Devens) is a United States federal prison in Massachusetts for male inmates requiring specialized or long-term medical or mental health care. It is designated as an administrative facility, which means it has inmates from different security classifications, from white-collar criminals to mobsters and sex offenders.[1] It is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice. FMC Devens also has a satellite camp housing minimum-security male inmates.

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Federal Medical Center, Devens
LocationDevens, Town of Harvard,
Worcester County, Massachusetts
Security classAdministrative facility (with minimum-security prison camp)
Population1,167 (114 in prison camp)
OpenedJanuary 1999
Managed byFederal Bureau of Prisons
WardenA. Boncher

FMC Devens is located in north-central Massachusetts, approximately 39 miles west of Boston, on the grounds of Fort Devens, which occupied the land before it was scaled back in size.[2]