Feminist views on transgender topics

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Feminist views on transgender topics vary widely. Third-wave feminists and fourth-wave feminists tend to view the struggle for trans rights as an integral part of intersectional feminism. Former president of the American National Organization for Women (NOW) Terry O'Neill has stated that the struggle against transphobia is a feminist issue,[1] with NOW affirming that "trans women are women, trans girls are girls."[2] Several studies have found that people who identify as feminists tend to be more accepting of trans people than those who do not.[3][4][5]

A movement variously known as gender-critical feminism or trans-exclusionary radical feminism (TERF)[6] holds that womanhood is defined on the axis of sex, and thus asserts that trans women are not women, that trans men are not men,[7] opposes trans rights and rejects the concept of transgender identities.[8][9][10] These views have frequently been described as transphobic by other feminists.[11][12][13][14][15]

Some authors, such as Julia Serano and Emi Koyama, have founded a stream within feminism called transfeminism, which views the struggle for the rights of trans people and trans women in particular as an integral part of the feminist struggle for all women's rights.[16]

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