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The Fiji Labour Party (FLP; Fijian: Ilawalawa Cakacaka ni Viti), also known as Fiji Labour, is a political party in Fiji. Most of its support is from the Indo-Fijian community, although it is officially multiracial and its first leader was an indigenous Fijian, Dr. Timoci Bavadra. The party has been elected to power twice, with Timoci Bavadra and Mahendra Chaudhry becoming prime minister in 1987 and 1999 respectively. On both occasions, the resulting government was rapidly overthrown by a coup.

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Fiji Labour Party
LeaderMahendra Chaudhry
Assistant Secretary GeneralTaina Rokotabua
Assistant SecretaryAman Ravindra Singh
FounderTimoci Bavadra[lower-alpha 1]
Founded6 July 1985; 37 years ago (6 July 1985)
Political positionCentre-left
International affiliationSocialist International (1992–2008)
Colors  Red
Slogan"Putting People First"[1]
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