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The French Wikipedia (French: Wikipédia en français) is the French-language edition of Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. This edition was started on 23 March 2001, two months after the official creation of Wikipedia.[1] It has 2,554,152 articles as of 20 September 2023, making it the fifth-largest Wikipedia overall, after the English-, Cebuano-, Swedish- and German-language editions, and is the largest Wikipedia edition in a Romance language. It has the third-most edits, and ranks 6th in terms of depth among Wikipedias. It was also the third edition, after the English Wikipedia and German Wikipedia, to exceed 1 million articles: this occurred on 23 September 2010.[1] In April 2016, the project had 4657 active editors who made at least five edits in that month.

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French Wikipedia
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Main Page of the French Wikipedia in March 2021
Type of site
Online encyclopedia
Available inFrench
OwnerWikimedia Foundation
Launched23 March 2001; 22 years ago (2001-03-23)

In 2008, the French encyclopaedia Quid cancelled its 2008 edition, citing falling sales on competition from the French edition of Wikipedia.[2]

As of September 2023, there are 4,752,000 users, 150 admins and 70,506 files on the French Wikipedia.[3]

On 2 December 2014, the French-language Wikipedia encyclopedia became the 3rd[4] linguistic edition by number of registered users since its creation, overtaking for the first time the German edition, with 2,022,504 registered users,[5][6] behind the English (23,300,456)[7] and Spanish (3,401,493)[8] language editions.