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Giulio Parigi

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Giulio Parigi (6 April 1571 13 July 1635) was an Italian architect and designer.

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Giulio Parigi
Painting by Giulio Parigi in Florence, Italy, showing Archimedes' mirror used to burn Roman ships
EducationAcademy of Design, Florence (1594); Grand Ducal Court (1597)
Known forarchitect, stage designer, civil engineer, landscape architect, painter

He was the main member of a family of architects and designers working for the Grand Ducal court of the Medici. His father, Alfonso Parigi the Elder, was an architect and designer working in Florence for the Grand Duke of Tuscany. He became noted as one of the most innovative stage designers of the 17th-century and was also the first architect to use the loggia style in public buildings.