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Grass court

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A grass court is one of the types of tennis court on which the sport of tennis, originally known as "lawn tennis", is played. Grass courts are made of grasses in different compositions depending on the tournament.

Roger Federer playing on the grass at Centre Court in the 2006 Wimbledon Championships

Although grass courts are more traditional than other types of tennis courts, maintenance costs of grass courts are higher than those of hard courts and clay courts. Grass courts (in the absence of suitable covers) must be left for the day if rain appears, as the grass becomes very slippery when wet and will not dry for many hours. This is a disadvantage on outdoor courts compared to using hard and clay surfaces, where play can resume in 30 to 120 minutes after the end of rain (clay courts even remain playable in light rain).[1]

Grass courts are most common in the United Kingdom and Australia, although the Northeastern United States also has some private grass courts.

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