Greek Cypriots

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Greek Cypriots or Cypriot Greeks (Greek: Ελληνοκύπριοι, romanized: Ellinokýprioi, Turkish: Kıbrıs Rumları) are the ethnic Greek population of Cyprus,[3][4][5][6] forming the island's largest ethnolinguistic community. According to the 2011 census, 659,115 respondents recorded their ethnicity as Greek, forming almost 99% of the 667,398 Cypriot citizens and over 78% of the 840,407 total residents of the area controlled by the Republic of Cyprus.[1] These figures do not include the 29,321 citizens of Greece residing in Cyprus, ethnic Greeks recorded as citizens of other countries, or the population of the Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus.

Quick facts: Total population, Regions with significant po...
Greek Cypriots
Total population
c. 1.2 million
Regions with significant populations
 Cyprus 659,115 (2011 census)[1]
≈500,000 in diaspora[2]
United Kingdom270,000
Australia, South Africa, Greece, United States, Germany and others≈230,000
Modern Greek (Cypriot and Standard)
Christianity (Greek Orthodox)
Related ethnic groups
Other Greek subgroups

The majority of Greek Cypriots are members of the Church of Cyprus, an autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church within the wider communion of Orthodox Christianity.[5][7] In regard to the 1960 Constitution of Cyprus, the term also includes Maronites, Armenians, and Catholics of the Latin Church ("Latins"), who were given the option of being included in either the Greek or Turkish communities and voted to join the former due to a shared religion.