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Hadda, Afghanistan

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Haḍḍa (Pashto: هډه) is a Greco-Buddhist archeological site located ten kilometers south of the city of Jalalabad, in the Nangarhar Province of eastern Afghanistan.

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Buddhist stupas at Hadda, by William Simpson, 1881.[1]
Hadda, Afghanistan is located in Afghanistan
Hadda, Afghanistan
Shown within Afghanistan
Hadda, Afghanistan is located in Gandhara
Hadda, Afghanistan
Hadda, Afghanistan (Gandhara)
Hadda, Afghanistan is located in South Asia
Hadda, Afghanistan
Hadda, Afghanistan (South Asia)
Coordinates34.361685°N 70.470752°E / 34.361685; 70.470752
TypeGroup of Buddhist monasteries
Founded1st century BCE
Abandoned9th century CE

Hadda is said to have been almost entirely destroyed in the fighting during the civil war in Afghanistan.