Han chauvinism

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Han Chinese chauvinism is a political ideology that speaks out for the ethnic Han Chinese people and its uniqueness throughout human history. It differs from Chinese chauvinism, because it is only used in reference to people who are of Han Chinese ethnicity, the main ethnicity of China. Han chauvinists believe that the current influence from the West has downgraded the development of China's own cultural customs, and in response, it has become instrumental in leading the increasingly traditionalist movement, which was launched in 2001. Participants come together both online and in person in cities across China to revitalize their vision of the authentic “Great Han” and corresponding “real China” through traditional ethnic dress and Confucian ritual.[1][2]

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Han chauvinism
Traditional Chinese大漢族主義
Simplified Chinese大汉族主义
Literal meaningGreat Han-ism