Happy Farm

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Happy Farm was a social network game and massively multiplayer online game based on farm management simulation. It was played predominantly by users in Mainland China and Taiwan, and was the most popular in terms of players; At the height of its popularity, there were 23 million daily active users, logging on to the game at least every 24 hours.[1][2]

Quick facts: Developer(s), Publisher(s), Platform(s), Rele...
Developer(s)5 Minutes
Publisher(s)5 Minutes
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
ReleaseNovember 2008
Genre(s)Farm management, MMORPG, social network game
Mode(s)Multiplayer online

Happy Farm was developed by Chinese social game developer 5 Minutes. Its development was complete in May 2008, testing was complete in July the same year, and the game was released in late 2008.[3][4] It allows players to grow crops, trade with others, sell produce, and steal from neighbors.[2] The game was influenced by the Japanese RPG series Story of Seasons.[3][5][6]

Happy Farm was discontinued as of September 25, 2017.[7]