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Happy Hacking Keyboard

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The Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) is a small computer keyboard produced by PFU Limited of Japan, codeveloped with Japanese computer scientist and pioneer Eiiti Wada.[1] Its reduction of keys from the common 104-key layout down to 60 keys in the professional series is the basis for its smaller size while retaining full key size. It returns the control key to its original position as on the early 84-key IBM Personal Computer/AT and XT layouts. The current models[2] in production are the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional Classic,[3] Professional Hybrid (wired/wireless dual connectivity),[4] and Professional Hybrid Type-S[5] (silenced variant of Hybrid) all in either dark or light colorschemes, and either blank or printed keycaps. Professional Hybrid models are also available in Japanese layout.

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Happy Hacking Keyboard
A white Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 with blank keycaps
ManufacturerPFU Limited
KeyswitchesDepending on model: Membrane, capacitive
KeycapsEither dye-sublimated or blank PBT, ABS for spacebars on some models.
InterfaceDepending on model: PS/2, Sun, ADB, USB, Bluetooth
Weightapprox. 500 g – depending on model
Introduced20 December 1996; 26 years ago (1996-12-20) (original version)

10 December 2003; 19 years ago (2003-12-10) (HHKB Professional first-generation)

24 March 2006; 17 years ago (2006-03-24) (HHKB Professional second-generation)

10 December 2019; 3 years ago (2019-12-10) (HHKB Professional third-generation)
Discontinued10 December 2006; 16 years ago (2006-12-10) (original version, HHKB Professional first-generation) 10 December 2019; 3 years ago (2019-12-10) (HHKB Professional second-generation)