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House of Representatives of Liberia

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The House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the bicameral legislative branch of Liberia, and together with the Senate comprises the Legislature of Liberia. The number of seats is fixed by law at 73, with each county being apportioned a number of seats based on its percentage of the national population. House members represent single-member districts within the counties drawn up by the National Elections Commission and serve six-year terms. The House meets at the Capitol Building in Monrovia.[1]

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House of Representatives
Political groups
  Congress for Democratic Change: 21 seats
  Unity Party: 20 seats
  Liberty Party: 3 seats
  People's Unification Party: 5 seats
  All Liberian Party: 3 seats
  Movement for Economic Empowerment: 1 seat
  Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction: 2 seats
  Liberia Transformation Party: 1 seat
  United People's Party: 1 seat
  Victory for Change Party: 1 seat
  Liberian People's Party: 1 seat
  Liberia National Union: 1 seat
  Independents: 13 seats
Last election
10 October 2017
Meeting place
Capitol Building, Monrovia

The primary purpose of the House is to pass bills in conjunction with the Senate so that they may be sent to the president for signature or veto. The House also holds the exclusive right to introduce revenue bills into the Legislature, as well as to impeach the president, the vice president and judges upon the concurrence of two-thirds of its members. The House is led by the Speaker of the House, elected at the beginning of each new legislature from among its members.