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In the field of road transport, an interchange (American English) or a grade-separated junction (British English) is a road junction that uses grade separations to allow for the movement of traffic between two or more roadways or highways, using a system of interconnecting roadways to permit traffic on at least one of the routes to pass through the junction without interruption from crossing traffic streams. It differs from a standard intersection, where roads cross at grade. Interchanges are almost always used when at least one road is a controlled-access highway (freeway or motorway) or a limited-access divided highway (expressway), though they are sometimes used at junctions between surface streets.

An aerial view of the Lakalaiva interchange in the Tampere Ring Road between the Highway 3 (E12) and Highway 9 (E63) near city of Tampere.
61°27′46″N 23°46′10″E
The High Five in Dallas, Texas. This is a complicated five-level stack interchange, due to the proximity of frontage roads and segregated high-occupancy vehicle lanes. This hybrid design is based on parts of a four-level stack for highways, with a three-level-diamond interchange to handle the frontage roads.
32°55′27.2″N 96°45′50.0″W