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Internet in China

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China has been on the Internet intermittently since May 1989 and on a permanent basis since 20 April 1994,[1] although with heavily filtered access. In 2008, China became the country with the largest population on the Internet and, as of 2023, has remained so.[2] As of July 2023, 1.05 billion (73.7% of the country's total population) use internet in China.[3][4]

China's first foray into the global cyberspace was an email (not TCP/IP based and thus technically not internet) sent on 20 September 1987 to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, reading, "Across the Great Wall, towards the rest of the world" (simplified Chinese: 越过长城,走向世界; traditional Chinese: 越過長城,走向世界; pinyin: Yuèguò chángchéng, zǒuxiàng shìjiè).[5][6] This later became a well-known phrase in China and as of 2018, was displayed on the desktop login screen for QQ mail.[7]

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