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The Irish Sea[lower-alpha 1] is a 46,007 km2 (17,763 sq mi) body of water that separates the islands of Ireland and Great Britain. It is linked to the Celtic Sea in the south by St George's Channel and to the Inner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland[4] in the north by the North Channel. Anglesey, North Wales, is the largest island in the Irish Sea, followed by the Isle of Man. The term Manx Sea may occasionally be encountered (Welsh: Môr Manaw, Irish: Muir Meann[5] Manx: Mooir Vannin, Scottish Gaelic: Muir Mhanainn).[6][7][8]

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Irish Sea
Satellite image
Limits and ports: ferry port / freight only
LocationBritain and Ireland
Coordinates53.469448°N 5.141419°W / 53.469448; -5.141419
River sourcesRivers that flow into the Irish Sea
Ocean/sea sourcesCeltic Sea
Basin countriesUnited Kingdom; Republic of Ireland; Isle of Man
Max. width200 kilometres (120 mi)
Surface area46,007 km2 (17,763 sq mi)
Average depth80–275 metres (262–902 ft)
Water volume2,800 km3 (2.3×109 acre⋅ft)
IslandsAnglesey and Holy Island, Isle of Man and Calf of Man, Bardsey Island, Walney, Lambay, Ireland's Eye
Settlements(see below)
Location of the Irish Sea
From the pier at Dún Laoghaire a suburban seaside town in County Dublin, Ireland
Dublin Bay
Brittas Bay

On its shoreline are Scotland to the north, England to the east, Wales to the southeast, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to the west. The Irish Sea is of significant economic importance to regional trade, shipping and transport, as well as fishing and power generation in the form of wind power and nuclear power plants. Annual traffic between Great Britain and Ireland amounts to over 12 million passengers and 17 million tonnes (17,000,000 long tons; 19,000,000 short tons) of traded goods.

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