Jack the Ripper suspects

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A series of murders that took place in the East End of London from August to November 1888 was blamed on an unidentified assailant who was nicknamed Jack the Ripper. Since that time, the identity of the killer or killers has been widely debated, and over 100 suspects have been named.[1][2] Though many theories have been advanced, experts find none widely persuasive, and some are hardly taken seriously at all.[3] Due to the extensive time interval since the murders, the killer will likely never be identified despite ongoing speculation as to his identity.

Cartoon of a man holding a bloody knife looking contemptuously at a display of half-a-dozen supposed and dissimilar likenesses
The cover of the 21 September 1889 issue of Puck magazine, featuring cartoonist Tom Merry's depiction of the unidentified Whitechapel murderer Jack the Ripper.