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Lü Dongbin

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Lü Dongbin is a legendary Chinese scholar and poet who lived during the Tang dynasty whose lifetime supposedly spanned two hundred and twenty years. Elevated to the status of an immortal in the Chinese cultural sphere by Daoists, he is one of the most widely known of the group of deities known as the Eight Immortals. Lü is also a historical figure and mentioned in the official history book History of Song. He is widely considered to be one of the earliest masters of neidan, or internal alchemy. He is also depicted in art dressed as a scholar carrying a sword to dispel evil spirits.

Quick facts: Lü Dongbin 呂洞賓, Traditional Chinese, Sim...
Lü Dongbin
Zhang Lu's painting of Lü Dongbin, early 16th century
Traditional Chinese呂洞賓
Simplified Chinese吕洞宾

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