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less is a terminal pager program on Unix, Windows, and Unix-like systems used to view (but not change) the contents of a text file one screen at a time. It is similar to more, but has the extended capability of allowing both forward and backward navigation through the file. Unlike most Unix text editors/viewers, less does not need to read the entire file before starting, allowing for immediate viewing regardless of file size.

Quick facts: Developer(s), Initial release, Stable release...
Developer(s)Mark Nudelman
Initial release1984; 39 years ago (1984)[1]
Stable release
590[2] / 12 July 2021; 18 months ago (2021-07-12)
Preview release
603 / 15 March 2022; 10 months ago (2022-03-15)
Written inC
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeSystem utility
LicenseDual-licensed under GNU GPLv3 and a custom BSD-style license