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Lew (given name)

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Lew is the usual shortened form of Lewis or Llywelyn when they are used as first names in English.

It can also be found in Slavic languages as a translation of Latin name Leon, where it may be written as "Lew" or "Lev".

People with the name


  • Lew Anderson (1922–2006), American actor and musician
  • Lew Ayres (1908–1996), American actor
  • Lew Bedell (1919–2000), American music executive and entertainer
  • Lew Brown (1893–1958), Russian-American lyricist
  • Lew Buford Brown (1861–1944), American editor and poet
  • Lew Christensen (1909–1984), American ballet dancer, choreographer, and director
  • Lew Cody (1884–1934), American actor
  • Lew Davis (1884–1948), American film actor
  • Lew DeWitt (1938–1990), American country music singer and composer
  • Lew Dietz (1907–1997), American writer
  • Lew Dockstader (1856–1924), American singer and comedian
  • Lew Douglas (1912–1997), American composer, arranger, and conductor
  • Lew Fields (1867–1941), American actor and producer
  • Lew Futterman, American record producer
  • Lew Gallo (1928–2000), American actor and producer
  • Lew Grade (1906–1998), Ukrainian-born English impresario and media mogul
  • Lew Harvey (1887–1953), American actor
  • Lew Hunter (born 1935), American screenwriter, author, and educator
  • Lew Kelly (1879–1944), American actor
  • Lew Jetton (born 1959), American musician and meteorologist
  • Lew Johnson (fl. 1866–1890), American minstrel-troupe owner
  • Lew Landers (1901–1962), American film and television director
  • Lew Lehr (1895–1950), American comedian, writer, and editor
  • Lew Leslie (1888–1963), American theater writer and producer
  • Lew Lewis, English harmonica player and vocalist
  • Lew Meehan (1890–1951), American actor
  • Lew McCreary (born 1947), American author, editor, and speaker
  • Lew Nottke, American guitarist
  • Lew Parker (1910–1972), American actor
  • Lew Pollack (1895–1946), American songwriter
  • Lew Porter (1892–1956), American composer and songwriter
  • Lew Rywin (born 1945), Russian-born Polish film producer
  • Lew Schneider (born 1961), American television producer, writer, actor, and comedian
  • Lew Schwartz (1926–2011), American comic book artist
  • Lew Soloff (born 1944), American jazz musician and actor
  • Lew Spence (1920–2008), American songwriter
  • Lew Stone (1898-1969), English jazz bandleader
  • Lew Stringer (born 1959), English comic artist and scriptwriter
  • Lew Tabackin (born 1940), American jazz musician
  • Lew Temple (born 1967), American actor
  • Lew Wallace (1827–1905), American author, lawyer, general, and politician
  • Lew Wasserman (1913–2002), American talent agent and studio executive
  • Lew Welch (1926–1971), American Beat poet
  • Lew Williams (born 1934), American rockabilly singer and songwriter




  • Lew Adams (born 1940), British trade unionist
  • Lew Allen (1925–2010), United States Air Force general
  • Lew Baker (fl. 1825–1856), Welsh-born American policeman and accused assassin
  • Lew Campbell (1831–1910), Canadian pioneer rancher
  • Lew Cirne (born 1970), Canadian-American technologist and entrepreneur
  • Lew Irwin, American journalist
  • Lew Kowarski (1907–1979), Russian-born French physicist
  • Lew Mander (born 1939), New Zealand organic chemist
  • Lew A. Nelson, American test pilot
  • Lew Wood (c. 1929–2013), American television journalist

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Lew (given name)
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