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Liang Hongyu (11021135) was a Chinese general of the Song Dynasty. She became famous during the Jin–Song wars against the Jurchen-led Jin Dynasty. Her real given name was lost in time. She was simply referenced in the official Chinese history books as "Lady Liang" (梁氏). Historical details of Liang's life are sketchy,[1] but she was known to be the wife of Han Shizhong, a Song general known for resisting invaders from the Jin Dynasty together with Yue Fei and others, and to have commanded troops at the Battle of Huangtiandang using drums to coordinate the Song forces. Liang is presumed to have died of illness in the year 1135.

Quick facts: Liang Hongyu, Traditional Chinese, Simpl...
Liang Hongyu
Traditional Chinese梁紅玉
Simplified Chinese梁红玉

Since her death, several legendary tales have emerged of her life and exploits. These tales give her the name "Hongyu" (红玉), meaning "Red Jade".