List of German films of 1933–1945

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The Third Reich era of Germany ("Nazi Germany") lasted from Adolf Hitler's assumption of power on 30 January 1933 to Karl Dönitz's surrender at the end of World War II on 8 May 1945. While not as highly regarded as films of the preceding Weimar Republic era,[citation needed] the films of Nazi Germany, mainly made under control of Joseph Goebbels, hold a fascination for many,[citation needed] both as historical documents of one of the most important periods of 20th century history, as well as for their own artistic merit. While some of them are popular only within the Neo-Nazi subculture, comedies starring Heinz Rühmann rank among the favourites of all Germans, and the propaganda films of Leni Riefenstahl have been influential, though controversial.

A total of 1,084 feature films were shown in cinemas in Nazi Germany.[1]

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