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Luca Pacioli

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Fra. Luca Bartolomeo de Pacioli (sometimes Paccioli or Paciolo; c. 1447 19 June 1517)[3] was an Italian mathematician, Franciscan friar, collaborator with Leonardo da Vinci, and an early contributor to the field now known as accounting. He is referred to as the father of accounting and bookkeeping and he was the first person to publish a work on the double-entry system of book-keeping on the continent.[4][lower-alpha 1] He was also called Luca di Borgo after his birthplace, Borgo Sansepolcro, Tuscany.

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Luca Pacioli
Portrait of Luca Pacioli
Portrait of Luca Pacioli, traditionally attributed to Jacopo de' Barbari, 1495[1]
Bornc. 1447[2]
Died19 June 1517(1517-06-19) (aged 69–70)
Sansepolcro, Republic of Florence
Occupation(s)Friar, mathematician, writer
Known forSumma de arithmetica,
Divina proportione,
double-entry bookkeeping

Several of his works were plagiarised from Piero della Francesca, in what has been called "probably the first full-blown case of plagiarism in the history of mathematics".[5]

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