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Mac OS 8 is an operating system that was released by Apple Computer on July 26, 1997.[2] It includes the largest overhaul of the classic Mac OS experience since the release of System 7, approximately six years before. It places a greater emphasis on color than prior versions. Released over a series of updates, Mac OS 8 represents an incremental integration of many of the technologies which had been developed from 1988 to 1996 for Apple's overly ambitious OS named Copland. Mac OS 8 helped modernize the Mac OS while Apple developed its next-generation operating system, Mac OS X (renamed in 2012 to OS X and then in 2016 to macOS).

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Mac OS 8
Version of the Classic Mac OS operating system
Screenshot of Mac OS 8.1
DeveloperApple Computer
OS familyMacintosh
Working stateHistoric, unsupported
Source modelClosed source
Released to
July 26, 1997; 25 years ago (1997-07-26)
Latest release8.6 / May 10, 1999; 23 years ago (1999-05-10)[1]
Kernel typeMonolithic (68k),
nanokernel (PowerPC)
user interface
Apple Platinum
Preceded bySystem 7
Succeeded byMac OS 9
Official websiteApple - Products - Mac OS 8.6 at the Wayback Machine (archived September 22, 1999)
TaglineMac OS 8-8.1: A new look. A new feel. A dramatically new experience. Mac OS 8.5-8.6: Faster. Smarter. Far more clever.
Support status
Historical, unsupported as of May 2001

Mac OS 8 is one of Apple's most commercially successful software releases, selling over 1.2 million copies in the first two weeks.[2][3] As it came at a difficult time in Apple's history, many pirate groups refused to traffic in the new OS, encouraging people to buy it instead.[4]

Mac OS 8.0 introduces the most visible changes in the lineup, including the Platinum interface and a native PowerPC multithreaded Finder. Mac OS 8.1 introduces a new, more efficient file system named HFS Plus. Mac OS 8.5 is the first version of the Mac OS to require a PowerPC processor. It features PowerPC native versions of QuickDraw, AppleScript, and the Sherlock search utility. Its successor, Mac OS 9, was released on October 23, 1999.