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Majiayao culture

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The Majiayao culture was a group of neolithic communities who lived primarily in the upper Yellow River region in eastern Gansu, eastern Qinghai and northern Sichuan, China.[1] The culture existed from 3300 to 2000 BC. The Majiayao culture represents the first time that the upper Yellow River region was widely occupied by agricultural communities and it is famous for its painted pottery, which is regarded as a peak of pottery manufacturing at that time.

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Majiayao culture
Geographical rangeupper Yellow River
PeriodNeolithic China
Datesc.3300 – c.2000 BC
Preceded byYangshao culture
Followed byQijia culture
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese马家窑文化
Traditional Chinese馬家窯文化
Reconstruction of a Banshan phase burial site excavated in Bianjiagou, Gansu