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Mars, commonly known as Mars bar, is the name of two varieties of chocolate bar produced by Mars, Incorporated. It was first manufactured in 1932 in Slough, England by Forrest Mars, Sr.[2] The bar consists of caramel and nougat coated with milk chocolate.

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Place of originEngland
Region or stateWorldwide
Created byForrest Mars
Invented1932; 91 years ago (1932)
Main ingredientsChocolate, caramel, nougat
Food energy
(per 51g serving)
228 or about 230[1] kcal
Nutritional value
(per 51g serving)
Protein2.2 g
Fat8.5 g
Carbohydrate35.3 g

An American version of the Mars bar was produced which had nougat and toasted almonds covered in milk chocolate; later, caramel was added to the recipe as well. The American version was discontinued in 2002, then revived in a slightly different form the following year under the name "Snickers Almond".