Maya Bar-Hillel

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Maya Bar-Hillel (Hebrew: מיה בר-הלל, born 1943)[1] is a professor emeritus of psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.[2] Known for her work on inaccuracies in human reasoning about probability,[3][4][5] she has also studied decision theory in connection with Newcomb's paradox,[6] investigated how gender stereotyping can block human problem-solving,[7] and worked with Dror Bar-Natan, Gil Kalai, and Brendan McKay to debunk the Bible code.[8]

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Maya Bar-Hillel
מיה בר-הלל
Born1943 (age 7980)
Academic background
Alma materHebrew University of Jerusalem (PhD)
ThesisThe Base-Rate Fallacy in Subjective Judgments of Probability (1975)
Academic work
InstitutionsHebrew University of Jerusalem