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Mixed reality

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Mixed reality (MR) is a term used to describe the merging of a real-world environment and a computer-generated one. Physical and virtual objects may co-exist in mixed reality environments and interact in real time.

Clip from a mixed reality Job Simulator game

Mixed reality that incorporates haptics has sometimes been referred to as Visuo-haptic mixed reality.[1][2]

In a physics context, the term "interreality system" refers to a virtual reality system coupled with its real-world counterpart.[3] A 2007 paper describes an interreality system comprising a real physical pendulum coupled to a pendulum that only exists in virtual reality.[4] This system has two stable states of motion: a "Dual Reality" state in which the motion of the two pendula are uncorrelated, and a "Mixed Reality" state in which the pendula exhibit stable phase-locked motion, which is highly correlated. The use of the terms "mixed reality" and "interreality" is clearly defined in the context of physics and may be slightly different in other fields, however, it is generally seen as, "bridging the physical and virtual world".[5]

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