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Morning Edition is an American radio news program produced and distributed by NPR. It airs weekday mornings (Monday through Friday) and runs for two hours, and many stations repeat one or both hours. The show feeds live from 5:00 to 9:00 AM ET, with feeds and updates as required until noon. The show premiered on November 5, 1979; its weekend counterpart is Weekend Edition. Morning Edition and All Things Considered are among the highest rated public radio shows.[2][3]

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Morning Edition
GenreNews: analysis, commentary, interviews, special features
Running timeApproximately 240 minutes
Country of originUnited States
Home stationNational Public Radio
Hosted bySteve Inskeep
A Martínez
Leila Fadel
Created byBob Edwards
Original releaseNovember 5, 1979 – present
Opening themeTheme by B. J. Leiderman (1979–2019); composition by NPR/Man Made Music staff (2019–present)[1]
PodcastPodcast / RSS feed

The show was hosted by Bob Edwards from its inception until it was retooled for a two-anchor format in 2004 with the introduction of Steve Inskeep and Renée Montagne. Montagne left the show in 2016, and was replaced by Rachel Martin, who stepped down from daily hosting in early 2023. Three regular anchors, including Inskeep, currently host the show on a rotating basis. A Martínez, who hosts from NPR West, joined on July 19, 2021, replacing David Greene, who hosted from 2012 through the end of 2020. Leila Fadel joined the anchor team in Washington at the end of January 2022, following the departure of Noel King.[4] The network announced in early March 2023 that All Things Considered weekend host Michel Martin would be joining the Morning Edition team as its fourth anchor by the end of the month.[5]