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Mount York, a mountain in the western region of the Explorer Range, part of the Blue Mountains Range that is a spur off the Great Dividing Range, is located approximately 150 kilometres (93 mi) west of Sydney, just outside Mount Victoria in New South Wales, Australia.[2] Mount York has an elevation of 1,061 metres (3,481 ft) AHD and is a projection of the Blue Mountains dissected plateau, creating a promontory of the western escarpment with a minor rise at its summit.

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Mount York
The view from Mount York,
looking west over Hartley
Highest point
Elevation1,061 m (3,481 ft)
Coordinates33°32′54″S 150°13′04″E[1]
Mount York is located in New South Wales
Mount York
Mount York
Location of Mount York
in New South Wales, Australia
LocationBlue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia
Parent rangeExplorer Range, Blue Mountains Range
Easiest routeGreat Western Highway
Mt York Rd